Why Bother? A Short Ski Film

published Jul 2011 - 6,835 views

Why Bother? A short ski film by Evan Heath and Scott Cardoza

This winter, Scott and I didn't really have any plans. It wasn't until march that scott approached me with some ideas and we decided to create this short film. Why Bother represents the year of skiing we had and how much filming we did, which is apparent with a ski film that is only 12 minutes. So we put together what we had and came up with this, its not perfect but shit, Why Bother? Enjoy.

Talent(In order of appearance):
Matt Pothier, John Ware, John Kutcher, John Strenio, Will Wession, Roy Bruder, Jack Borland, Jeff Kiesel, Tim McChesney, Nicky Keefer, Luke Perin, Karl Fostvedt, Will Berman and Henrik Harlaut.

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited by Evan Heath and Scott Cardoza

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
Girl's Math - Depth Affect
Cold Cold Cold - Dr. John
Honky Tonk Woman - Rolling Stones
The World (Is going up in flames) - Charles Bradley

Special Thanks to all of the athletes, Dan@mammoth mountain and the homies in mammoth that let us crash a their houses.

Credit: evan heath and scott cardoza

Location: park city, canyons, mammoth



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