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Brighton - DST

by eheath
Jan 7th - 11.9K views

Caught an afternoon at Brighton with the boys featuring Tom Wallisch, Kevin Bane, Andrew Egan, Vern Kelly and Dale Talkington. Big thanks to Jared Winkler.

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Park City - We Back

by eheath
Dec 6th - 14.5K views

Linked up with the boys for some early season PC featuring Corey Jackson, Tom Wallisch, Tim Ryan, Quinn Wolferman, Nicky Keefer and Jonah Williams

5 Questions With Henrik Harlaut

by eheath
Feb 2017 - 32.4K views

Cruised around Forest Trail during the Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain. Due to weather, injury and the event, Henrik and I only got one day of shooting so we did the best with what we got, enjoy!