EP.OV Part 1 - Eric Pollard explains Nimbus Independent

published Feb 2011 - 5,147 views

Last spring we climbed a mountain, sat legendary skier Eric Pollard on a rock and pointed a camera at him and said go. See into the mind of a skier who has revolutionized the equipment we use as well as the way we watch ski videos. Listen in on Eric Pollard's point-of-view.

Part 1 - Nimbus Independent - Eric explains his reasoning for straying from the norm of a professional skier's filming habits and they ways it's been presented.

Part 2 - (coming soon) - Skiing Style & Technology - EP talks about how far skiing has come from long, straight skis that plow through powder to the smooth fluid motions of backcountry freestyle skiing of today.


Credit: Line Skis

Skier: Eric Pollard

Location: Mt Hood Ski Bowl Summit

Playtime: 00:02:39



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