Wild Stallions Trailer - Meathead Films

published Jul 2009 - 15,020 views

Out on the frozen peaks and gritty streets of the East Coast, roams a mighty and majestic creature. Renowned for their endurance and aggressive behavior, Wild Stallions are notoriously elusive and rarely captured on film. Meathead Films dedicated the 2009 season to tracking stampedes all over the Eastern U.S. and Canada range. In this never-before-seen footage, watch as stallions gallop across the countryside, navigating treacherously deep snow and bewildering urban terrain. Learn about this misunderstood animal and what drives them to perform tremendous athletic feats in such a hostile environment. Shot in High Definition, 16mm and Super 8 film, Wild Stallions will prove once and for all, that some animals just cant be tamed...

Credit: Geoff McDonald, Christopher James, Ben Cormier, Sh

Skier: The Meatheads

Location: Stowe, Mt. Bohemia, Jay Peak, Cannon, Chic Choc Mountains, White Mountains, Tug Hill Plateau, Sugarloaf, Sugarbush, Sunday River, Big Boulder, Blue Mountain, Killington, Mount Snow, Various urban loc

Playtime: 00:04:31



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