by louis.charnaud
Oct 2016 - 3.1K views

highlights from the 2016 season in NZ. Enjoy! This has easily been the best season I have had yet in NZ and have met some pretty awesome folks!


Louis charnaud
Sam Allen
Konsti Ottner
Hank Bilous
Charles Murray
Xavi Thiebaud


by Miclovin
Oct 2016 - 4K views

A bunch of old footage mixed with even older footage. We can call it a mix. Check it
Boston Sawyer
Tyler Curle
Colton Shaff
Frank Ferguson
Miles Ronkos
Austin Wood

2016 Fall in Boulder

by ScooterLapooter
Oct 2016 - 3.3K views

The colors around Boulder Colorado have been extraordinary this year and I took full advantage of the beautiful colors and filmed as many time-lapses as possible around the Boulder area until I was more then content with what I captured.

MMXV/Kazakov Arkadiy

by DeadLine
Oct 2016 - 4.9K views

Arkadiy Kazakov @arkazakov
Big thanks to Anteater, Sony, Piterland.
Filmed by Mikhail Shishebarov, Alex Golovkin, Ilia Kazhevnikov, Alex Dorinov


Oct 2016 - 13.2K views

Here it is. Brought to you by a lot of fun times, shoveling and standing in the cold. Re-stock on skis in a few weeks, clothes available now. ENJOY!

iF3 - Stockholm 2016

by iF3
Oct 2016 - 84 views

International Freeski FIlm Festival visited Sweden for the first time on October 20th with a sold-out event in Stockholm.

Freeride World Tour riders Sam Smoothy and Felix Weimers were there to present their movies along with Par Peyben Hagglund and Lucas Stal Madison and among the guests you had a chance to meet celebrities like Emma Dahlstrom and Jesper Tjader.

Summer Rail Edit

by Sage_F
Oct 2016 - 4K views

A short edit that I made for the Kevin Salonius Summer Rail Challenge. Filming this was extremely fun yet challenging because of several setbacks including breaking the tail of one of my skis at the beginning of the summer! Enjoy......

Liberty Skis // Mt Hood 2.0

by libertyskis
Nov 2016 - 9.6K views

Joe Schuster and Matt Margetts crossed the border and headed to Mt Hood, Oregon. Arriving in time to share a week of spring riding with the Liberty Skis Team. Eager to hit some late season jumps, the crew hiked into the alpine in search of spots to build. After battling weather for the a few days , the team scored a three day window of sun. After several days of early mornings and late night sunset traverses back to the base, the team called it a trip. We hope you enjoy the video.

J skis: The Whipit

by J_skis
Nov 2016 - 3.2K views

See the whipit >>
The Whipit ski will literally read your mind taking your skiing further faster, with less effort than ever before. You'll be laying down effortless carves forwards or backwards with ease, feeling like there's nothing on your feet. Yup! this is the funnest, lightest, quickest, easiest, butteryest, most durable all-terrain freestyle of all time! #JWhipitSki


by miki.magister
Nov 2016 - 2.5K views

Some summer clips filmed in Les 2 Alpes. Instagram: @miki.magister

Thanks to:
- Armada Skis Spain
- Blind2
- Lfm La Familia
- Madrid Snowzone

Viti Varela, Francesco Bertone (Sisko), Jake & Joe Simpson

Vail has vailed us once again

by garret.hunting
Nov 2016 - 216 views

Here at Park city Mountain resort we are still scheduled to open on Friday, November 18, today is Monday November 14. Yet Tourist from all over the country and all over the world are starting to come out to Park city thinking that there may be snow here. Well I'm sorry poor little tourist, Think again. Vail has vailed you once again! All of these poor tourist coming out here thinking that they will be shredding the gnar on Friday are going to be in for a rude awakening. I have to mention that I called park city mountain resort (acting like I had already booked a condo, ski school, ski tickets, and ski rentals) and I asked them if it was possible if they were going to open on Friday. The lady proceeded to tell me that there had not been any plans for change yet. And people who have booked ski rentals, ski school, and lift tickets would have to pay a $75 cancellation fee Per person if the resort opening day was postponed. Sorry about the rant guys, I just think A company that makes such a big impact in the ski industry would be willing to do a little bit more for the ski industry something as simple as letting the people know that they won't be able to ski would be amazing:)


by Vince_Rafo
Nov 2016 - 3.1K views

LOTP c'est l'idée d'une poignée de potes qui se retrouvent chaque année dans la meilleure station de la chaîne de montagne la plus enneigée du monde: Font-Ro...

Progression 2 | Sunset Parks / AZ Snowbowl

by boofz
Nov 2016 - 8.7K views

The boofz are back with their second season edit ever. Shot at Sunset Parks @ AZ Snowbowl 15/16. Enjoy!

00:00 - Introduction
00:24 - Punks
01:34 - Boofz shred gnar
02:50 - Lockjaw Music Video *Parody*

Filmed/edited: Hunter Linford @TheFilmHunter
Riders: Grant Smith (board) Zach Tornga (skis)
Appearances: Ben Steen & Harrison Downing
Additional Filming: Grant Smith

Domestic Playground 2016 - Official movie

by NGM
Nov 2016 - 4.7K views

Domestic Playground is the 4th full lenght ski movie from Next Generation Media. All content this year is filmed inside of Norway, our own playground!

Directed by:
Ola Sollie

Edited by:
Ola Sollie

Cinematography by:
Ola Sollie
Kristian Vereide
Fredrik Torsvik
Edward Knai

Shot on location:
Dombås Skiheiser

Emil Larsen
Kristian Vereide
Herman Fjøss
Steffen Olsen
Christian Nummedal
Petter Ulsletten
+ friends

Main partners:
Normar AS