The Weak - Episode 1

by ICompton
Nov 2011 - 4.1K views

Started out the season at Killington, VT then headed on over to Utah to hang out with the TC dudes in a van for a few weeks in Cali. Hope you all enjoy and see you again next Tuesday.

The Weak - Episode 2

by ICompton
Dec 2011 - 4.6K views

Welcome back brathas and sistas. This was a very busy Weak. Sent it to California again with the very talented Shane Mcfalls of the Traveling Circus. After spending some quality time in the van to and from Boreal I headed back to VT where the first day back I went to Sugarbush for a glorious down rail. I miss California greatly, the guys over at High Fives foundation are doing an amazing job at what they do, being friends with them is an honor. Make sure to fallow them and the Traveling Circus for those two companies are the future. Enjoy and see you next Weak!

The Weak - Episode 3

by ICompton
Dec 2011 - 6.8K views

Sorry for the wait brathas! It's been a super hectic Weak over here in VT. Started off in Burlington and headed to Mount Snow to hang out with my good friend Brian where we filmed for about 4 laps at Mount Snow with the help of MOJAZZ. After 2 of the most blue bird days yet we went to try our luck at Rails To Riches. No money was won but it was an amazing Weak. Hope you all enjoy and see you next Tuesday...

The Weak.EC

by ICompton
Jan 2012 - 12.1K views

Blew it last week so tried to get more skiing shots in. Enjoy a Weak@Carinthia with Evan Williams,Ian Compton and friends. See you all next Tuesday!

The Weak. Bladez o'Glory

by ICompton
Jan 2012 - 18.8K views

The dew tour is right around the corner so I put on my serious face to try to stomp my money run. Enjoy and see you all Next Tuesday. Filmed by Mo JAZZ, editted by Ian


by ICompton
Jan 2012 - 6K views

Welp, the Ice coast got hit with some of the craziest weather I ever did seen. It rains for 2 days at 30 degrees somehow...Headed up to Bush despite the inclimate weather with good palls Dan and Colin. We made due with the crazy ice storm and had a grand all time. Park is epic and huge thanks to Tony!

The Weak@SIA.

by ICompton
Jan 2012 - 5.8K views

So this Weak I spent it out in Denver CO with good pal Jon Hartman and possie. We spent 4 wild days at SIA then I headed back to VT to ski Mount Snow for a day. Much happend from meeting up with old friends to encountering a jewish rapper who insisted on us filming him. Enjoy this Weak and see you next Tuesday!

The Weak get's FAT.

by ICompton
Feb 2012 - 19.6K views

After 2 weeks of rain and heavy drinking to ease the pain, the Weaklings gained some weight...Skiing and boarding was rough with so much extra mass so once the sun came out I decided to loose some weight and get back after it. Enjoy the both fat and skiny shinanigans this Weak and see you all Next Tuesday. Huge thanks to Brian Skorupski,Jesse Mallis,Rory Bruder, Lyle Brooks,Ryan Mathis, Camtrol and Arcade for making the Weak a little less weak. Blesses.

The Valentine's Weak.

by ICompton
Feb 2012 - 11.7K views

Happy Valentine's day Weaklings. We were lucky enough in VT to get unreal spring conditions for the past few days. Since both skiers and riders love sunny days why not include both? Were all out there for the same reason. 1 board or 2 boards, we live the most incredible lifestyle. Big ups to the skiers, Lupe Hagearty, Jeremie Valley Veilleux and the riders Rory Bruder, mojazz and Tarik Blowers. Lyle Brook's, you are my favorite filmer...See you next tuesday Weaklings. Happy Valentine's day. -CPT

A Weak at Sugar.

by ICompton
Feb 2012 - 19.9K views

So it official, Sugarbush has one of the most amazing and most fun parks out there! Sorry for the lateness my firends...I was lucky enough to film at the Bush for a day with great palls Evan Williams and boot fitter extrodinair Ryan Ruino. After that I had to coach for a week at Killington. Got home late last night and cranked this sucker out. Enjoy this week's Weak and see you all Next Tuesday.

A Weak giveaway...

by ICompton
Feb 2012 - 7.4K views

This was a rough week for me. Had to do some coaching at killington then got hit with some crazy bad weather. I made a promise at the beginning of the year that if I missed one I would make sure someone would walk away with product. I intend to keep that promise going, sooo here's a pair of 27.5 hotnesses! I will make my decision next Tuesday so let the graphic designing begin! S#%t's Weak...

The Weaklings.Just a Tease.

by ICompton
Mar 2012 - 8.5K views

Welp the Weak has come to an end...But not fully. Step into the unseen Weak's of this winter. Thank you all who watched and I hope you like the project. See you next Tuesday in April!


by ICompton
Apr 2012 - 9.5K views

Only 353 more day's till the X games so the Line guy's headed to Breck to train for the upcoming Extreme games. Much fun was had in the sun, thanks friends. -Cpt

The Weak. (High Five's in Cali).

by ICompton
Jul 2012 - 3.8K views

I took a trip Back Back to Cali Cali. Once there I met up with the High Five guys. High Fives is a Lake Tahoe based 501.c.3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes that suffer life-altering injuries while pursuing a dream in the winter action sports community. Hit up to see how rad these guys truly are. The reason for the trip was to host a High Five's week (Weak) at one of the most fun places I have ever been to...Woodward@Tahoe. Much fun was had and kids walked away with some knowledge and plenty of free shwag. Big up's to you Woodward, your doing an amazing thing. See you all shortly, -Cpt

The Weak. (1)

by ICompton
Nov 2012 - 11.7K views

It's a new Weak. Every Tuesday stop by to see what its like living in the East Coast. Hope you all enjoy and god it feels good to be back. Huge thanks to George Watts, Evan Williams, Zack Wilmot, Brian Skorupski, Tyler Duncan and Tess Hobbs. See you all Next Tuesday!

The Weak. (2)

by ICompton
Nov 2012 - 9.4K views

Welp, its still early season so ripping turns at Mount Snow was a must...Felt good carving hard and grabbing some grabs. After that me and my roommate Brian. S cruised over to Killington where we met up with the Darkside dudes and Mr. Evan Williams. Big thanks to Charlie Dayton for laying it down, Dan. V and Tyler Mills for snacking on some simply naked peta chips. See you all Next Tuesday for a new Weak...

The Weak. (3)

by ICompton
Dec 2012 - 12.4K views

Mr. Andy Parry and Jack Borland traveled back East in the TC van to kick off the "Tell A Friend Tour". Huge thanks to everyone who showed up and Killington & Okemo for treating us so kindly! After pizza parties and a but load of free gear for the kids we sent it to Mount Snow to have some fun in the sun. See you all next Tuesday for a new Weak.

The Weak. (4)

by ICompton
Dec 2012 - 10.7K views

It's Tuesday once again...This Weak was filled with glorious times @ Killington for a little ice coast Shred with Dan and then getting to judge Rails to Riches. Good friend and bearded man Lyle Brooks took ahold of the camera while I judged the event. I wish I had more ski footage for you all, so as a result I will give away an Orage flannel Jacket/Axe snowpant along with a very limited addition Weak Hoodie. All you got to do is tell me why you enjoy watching the Weak...Good luck and see you all next Tuesday for the results.

The Weak. (5) The End of the world.

by ICompton
Dec 2012 - 10.8K views

Will there ever be another Weak? I guess we find out on Friday...This Weak Andy&Ross picked me up and headed to Nashoba Valley,MA for "The Tell a friend Tour". There we met up with fellow comrades such as Collin, Joe Joe and Ryan Dunfee. After turns were made both on snow and grass we entered the Van once again and set sail North to Sugarbush, VT and to say hello&EatPizza at the wonder Ski Rack. Big shout out to Ian Corredera and his 50/50 game. Hope you all had a good Weak, See you next Tuesday.

The Weak. (6)

by ICompton
Jan 2013 - 9.9K views

Sorry it's been so long Weaklings. on Christmas day I sent it out to Utah to stay at the Yoke HQ with Shane&Erik. This Weak will take you behind the scenes of filming for the Yoke Movie. Blood was shed, pizza was eaten and tricks were landed in the Streets of SLC. Enjoy this week's Weak and see you next Tuesday with more stunts and adventures. Time for me to jump in the TC van and see where it takes me. Stay tuned...

The Weak. (7)

by ICompton
Jan 2013 - 9.3K views

My lip finally has healed...You all know Shane Mcfalls as the filmer for the TC, I fallowed him around Park City for a day to show that he is a true athlete as well. Your a talented man behind and infront of the camera Shane. He also supplied some laps of Jack Borland@PC as well. Once we finished we set our sites on filming for the Traveling Circus and jumped into the van to Seattle. I am sitting in the Line headquarters so expect a pretty weak Weak for next Tuesday. See you all then!

The Weak. (8)

by ICompton
Jan 2013 - 9.1K views

My last Weak in Utah has come. I sent it to Seattle Washington in the TC van with Erik, Sammi, Shane and Andy which took a casual 16 hours of fish tailing and screaming through Idaho&Oregon...Once in Seattle we raided the Line HQ and took some laps on employees skateboards. Thanks Josh for everything, the new gear is insane! We then jumped back into the van and met up with the canadians, Max Hill and Cole Drexler at MT. Seymour in Vancouver. As a result to too many hours in the van I free-styled a song about Shane's addiction to Carrot juice due to his newly purchased POWER JUICER. Seymour is one of the coolest mountains I have ever been to, with the most incredible view of the city. Be sure to watch the new Line Traveling Circus to see what really happened...Thank's for watching and see you all next Weak.

The Weak. (9-X) Life in Vermont

by ICompton
Jan 2013 - 9.6K views

Two Weak's of Vermont antics packed into one. We got hit with a cold front making skiing almost unbearable...With the cold temps came good times shooting with Lyle, lap's with Briand and a little tease of what's to come next Weak...Enjoy!

The (Pizza Diet) Weak #12

by ICompton
Feb 2013 - 7.2K views

Artisan pizza with goat cheese stuffed crust for dinner and meat lovers slices from Little Anthony's for lunch. Compton and Brian were living the pizza diet dream this weak. They found that the pizza diet was the ultimate diet for park laps because you can get all your protien, dairy and ruffage from one pizza pie. MO JAZZ

The Weak.13

by ICompton
Feb 2013 - 7.1K views

The Weak has been gathering shots in all this East Coast snow outside of the park...Hence the late Weak. I took a few runs with good palls Lyle, Rory and photography Dan Brown. This is what we got. It's short but a new Weak is only a few days away.

The Weak.14 (Clique)

by ICompton
Mar 2013 - 9.7K views

I am sorry I been away from my computer for so long. I made a pilgrimage North to Sugarbush VT where I met up with great friend Evan Williams. Fun times were had and laps were taken, thank you Sugarbush for providing us with such an amazing park. Since you all wanted more park skiing I thought a good ol' fashioned rap song would suffice. Enjoy and see you next Tuesday.