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Weakday Warrior.

by ICompton
Dec 2015 - 1.6K views

What are the days like when you are by yourself at the mountain? Whether it's 33 runs or just 4 skiing on a weekday is a whole different world. It's your world.
Filmed by Ben Grunow

The Weak. Yoke Boyz.

by ICompton
Nov 2015 - 3.3K views

Yoke Collection just created some of the best outerwear known to the human race. Support rider owned companies earthlings.

The Weak 2k15

by ICompton
Nov 2015 - 2.7K views

What else can I say besides going fast at Killington. Damn it feels good, stay tuned, winters back/Theweak

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Ian Rural Compton

by ICompton
Apr 2015 - 6.8K views

The first seedlings have started and I reflect on the winter.
I do not enjoy city's nor do I travel often to them,
instead I stay hidden in the trees.
The smile never leaves when skiing within these trees.

The Weak. 6

by ICompton
Dec 2014 - 6.6K views

Take i-91 North and you will discover a happy place. A place where it's uniqueness is shown through it's terrain and the wonderful people surrounding it. Take a peek at a Quick reunion of friends at Sugarbush, Vermont.

The Weak. (4)

by ICompton
Dec 2012 - 10.7K views

It's Tuesday once again...This Weak was filled with glorious times @ Killington for a little ice coast Shred with Dan and then getting to judge Rails to Riches. Good friend and bearded man Lyle Brooks took ahold of the camera while I judged the event. I wish I had more ski footage for you all, so as a result I will give away an Orage flannel Jacket/Axe snowpant along with a very limited addition Weak Hoodie. All you got to do is tell me why you enjoy watching the Weak...Good luck and see you all next Tuesday for the results.