Trips to Troll

Nov 2016 - 2.7K views

Some of my favorite shots I've filmed from the past two years at Trollhaugen. Song - "Nightcall" by Kavinsky

Trollhaugen : Human Being : Human - Ep 1, Vol 1 - 2016/17

by Trollhaugen
Dec 2016 - 5.3K views

Vimeo killed the file. Find it on:
When the trolls determined to commit to memory the progression of the Midwest freestyle/park ski scene at Troll, we began our search for a human who's personality was as bright, bizarre, and brazen as our own to document the goings on. Having gotten to know Troll local Nick Schoess/Milk Mayhem/Butterlicious/@kendozersbrother over the last few seasons, the search lasted about 0.7 seconds.

In our first installment of the new Trollhaugen series 'Human Being', we focus glass on a cast of humans slated to create digital memories all season long. Enjoy! | Trollhaugen : Human Being : Human - Episode 1 | Featuring: Matt Wunderlich, Kian Barrett, Richard Thomas, Lucas Green, Mihailo, Sam Lobinsky, Ben Neeson, John Knoph, David Duea, Ben Zins, Paddy Flanagan

Film/Edit: Nick Schoess
Music: The Mystery Lights- Too Tough to Bear
Produced by DS x Trollhaugen

What How Why?

by TripleXLHoodies
Dec 2016 - 246 views

Soooooo, what is this and how do i land it? I think it was intended to be a rodeo 5 but turned into a bio 7 i opened up too early on, but i dunno.

It's Just Skiing LIVE! Business w/ David Lesh

by J_skis
Dec 2016 - 4.1K views

JASON LEVINTHAL, owner & founder of J skis will be answering all your business questions, & small with guest DAVID LESH. David is the creator of Virtika Outerwear known for his legendary outrageous marketing.

Post questions for Jason & David in comments below!!!!

FREE J ski and clothing giveaways during the show!
WATCH on @Jskis Facebook Live Wednesday 12/14 night 8:20pm EST / 4:20pm AK
SHOW UP to 106 Main st. Burlington to watch in person from outside the studio windows for a chance to win skis!

Freestyle Express2.

by Donman415
Dec 2016 - 3K views

The Freestyle Express is a collection of young up-and-coming individuals who cope with the terrible NY skiing conditions by drinking handles of Fireball Whiskey. The @freestyle_express just dropped some heat for the ladies today @windhamparks and will be coming out with more so follow @freestyle_express for more drunken shenanigans.

Trollhaugen : Human Being : Shameless - Ep 2, Vol 1 - 2016/17

by Trollhaugen
Dec 2016 - 6.1K views

File is gone. File is here:
Episode 2 of our new series Human Being : Shameless focuses the lens on locals and friends bringing their individual styles together for a session of collective hammers. Be yourself. Do what you do. Shameless.

Riders: Kian Barrett, Nick Schoess, Ben Neeson, Matt Krohn, Peter Lehmann, Seth Shuster, Ken Dozer, Sam Lobinsky, John Knoph, David Duea, Drew Ahlstrom
Film/Edit: Nick Schoess
Additional Filming: Drew Ahlstrom, Erik Bergerson, Ken-Dozer
Song: Wax Tailor- Once Upon A Past
Produced by DS x Trollhaugen