Rail Ski-LLS 2016 Recap

by RicDeLorenzi
Nov 2016 - 64 views

Ril Ski-LLS it's an annual rail jam who took place at Modena (IT) during ouir national winter sports fair. This year a friend of mine asked me to film end to make a short video recap of the event, this is what I did!
To be honest I was pretty drunk, you know, that moment when you meet all your friends from the mountain... It just happened! But it was hella fun

Skiing by: Tobias Sieder, Ian Rocca, Ralph Welponer, Flo Geyer, Tom Ritsch, Simone Canal, Raffaele Cusini, Luca Pichler

Simen Gjelsvik - Season 15/16

by mr.bacon
Nov 2016 - 2.2K views

A few shots from my 15/16 season, mixed together with a classic A Tribe Called Quest track in honor of Phife the "5 ft assassin".
Thanks to Icelantic Skis for supporting me with the best sticks around. And everyone I got to shred with this season. It was a good one for sure!

Level 1
Magnus Skotte Norsteng
Siver Voll
Benjamin Forthun
Thomas Flaatt
Eirik Zahl Slora
Christoffer Hestdal
Wicked Tuna Gang

Lads at the Beach

by mcarmazzi
Nov 2016 - 1.3K views

In order of appearance:
Cole Derrick
Chase Mohrman
Jeremie Veilleux
Mike Carmazzi
Conor Williams
Adam Daly
Mike DeSalle
Conor McHugh
Jonah Williams
Jon Kuntz

Thank you Brighton


by yoke
Nov 2016 - 7.9K views

The Yoke doods gather in the Mount Hood National Forest for a week of skiing, rain camping, chili dog eating, mushroom hunting, seismology, volcanology, and discussion of latest revelations surrounding the Mount Hood corking theory.
Filmed and edited by Shane Mcfalls
Additional video by Jeff Kohnstamm
Skiing by Jack Borland, Jeremie Veilleux, Charlie Dayton, Forster Meeks, Erik Olson

Vail has vailed us once again

by garret.hunting
Nov 2016 - 216 views

Here at Park city Mountain resort we are still scheduled to open on Friday, November 18, today is Monday November 14. Yet Tourist from all over the country and all over the world are starting to come out to Park city thinking that there may be snow here. Well I'm sorry poor little tourist, Think again. Vail has vailed you once again! All of these poor tourist coming out here thinking that they will be shredding the gnar on Friday are going to be in for a rude awakening. I have to mention that I called park city mountain resort (acting like I had already booked a condo, ski school, ski tickets, and ski rentals) and I asked them if it was possible if they were going to open on Friday. The lady proceeded to tell me that there had not been any plans for change yet. And people who have booked ski rentals, ski school, and lift tickets would have to pay a $75 cancellation fee Per person if the resort opening day was postponed. Sorry about the rant guys, I just think A company that makes such a big impact in the ski industry would be willing to do a little bit more for the ski industry something as simple as letting the people know that they won't be able to ski would be amazing:)


by Vince_Rafo
Nov 2016 - 2.5K views

LOTP c'est l'idée d'une poignée de potes qui se retrouvent chaque année dans la meilleure station de la chaîne de montagne la plus enneigée du monde: Font-Ro...

SLC Shred Fest 2016

by ShredFestival
Nov 2016 - 3.6K views

Salt Lake City, UT - November 5th, 2016 – Mother Nature hasn’t answered their prayers quite yet, she has even forced Ski Resorts across the Wasatch front to push back their opening dates a few week.

Never the less 3,000 winter outdoor enthusiast rejoiced in Liberty Park on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 to kick off winter in high spirits for the inaugural SLC Shred Fest on a arguably beautiful sunny day. The fence was lined with fingers tightly grasping and eyes peering through the holes, curious to what the festivities in Liberty Park were all about.

Presented by Oakley and Milo Sport, SLC Shred Fest brought the community together in high fashion until the 33 kegs ran dry with an overwhelmingly busy interactive sponsor village with 31 vendors, mouthwatering fragrances from five food trucks, professional lumberjack competition, ski and snowboard rail jam with features provided by Brighton Resort and Bonezone Brighton.
The $5000 in prize giveaways, live music performed by local bluegrass group, Pixe and the Partygrass Boys, acid-rock skate punk group, Hot Vodka and DJ performances from DJ Matty mo, Bastion, and headliner Point Point from Paris, France kept people dancing until the very end.

The day was filled with fun for the whole family. The highlight of course was the first ever professional lumberjack competition in Sugarhouse. There is nothing more enticing than the sound of chainsaws cutting through logs and axes being tossed across the sky.

The Inaugural SLC Shred Fest was a huge success. Salt Lake City needed a winter kick off event to diminish those winter blues and bring together the strong and positive winter outdoor community.

Thank you for all the support from the sponsors, food vendors, volunteers, and attendees!

Progression 2 | Sunset Parks / AZ Snowbowl

by boofz
Nov 2016 - 7.5K views

The boofz are back with their second season edit ever. Shot at Sunset Parks @ AZ Snowbowl 15/16. Enjoy!

00:00 - Introduction
00:24 - Punks
01:34 - Boofz shred gnar
02:50 - Lockjaw Music Video *Parody*

Filmed/edited: Hunter Linford @TheFilmHunter
Riders: Grant Smith (board) Zach Tornga (skis)
Appearances: Ben Steen & Harrison Downing
Additional Filming: Grant Smith


by .BP.
Nov 2016 - 1.9K views

Ain't got no job, but I stay suave.
Can't pay my rent, 'cause all my money's spent.
And tell momma get a mink - baby girl let's ride.
You a number one stunna, and we gon' glide.

Most of a Season - Alex Nolan

by nolaan
Nov 2016 - 1.9K views

Check the season recap from most of last year! I received a pretty serious concussion at USCSA Nationals at Whiteface in early March, so this is everything before that! Oh and then some summer shenanigans are included because why not.

Shouts out to Christy Sports, The Karma Tree Movement, Frosty Headwear
and the boys and girls on the CU Freestyle Ski Team!

Also thanks to those that filmed: Tim Nolan, Stew Wells, Jason Castle and Cody Potter

Vimeo link if you're into that:

Bruise Town

by Casabon22
Dec 2016 - 3.2K views

The homies and I winter 2015-16'. Mash that like and show the love! 💯📷🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

UVMFST Design and Ride 2016

Dec 2016 - 5.4K views

The first ever UVMFST Design and Ride rail jam at Stowe Mountain Resort. Thanks to our sponsors, Faction Skis, Pret Helmets, Alpine Shop, Ski the East, Piecasso, Sap, and Clif bar.
Film: Alex Haughton, Ben Johnson, Matt McAlary
Edit: Alex Haughton
Music: Freedom Instrumental by Elbe Kim

Ski season 21, Winter 16'

by castleskier
Dec 2016 - 3.2K views

Season spent cruising around Keystone and Breckenridge in between class days, with a week trip for nationals where CUFST travelled back to Lake Placid NY for USCSA nationals and took 1st! Also had the chance to hit this DFD in Boulder that a buddy had found on googlemaps, buena ondas!

Thanks to Frosty Headwear and Rossignol Skis, and an even bigger thanks to my friends who helped film the few days which we got a chance too! - Nick Edwards, Stewart Wells, Alex & Tim Nolan, Garren O'Connor