Armada ARV 116 JJ Ultralite

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Bringing light to new heights, the ARV JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive BC freestyle experience. The JJ UL is 25% lighter than the original JJ. With less weight through the tip and tail, the JJ UL utilizes our lightest Caruba Woodcore to creat…

  • Sizes: 165, 175, 185, 192 cm
  • Dimensions: 139 / 115 / 135 mm

Atomic Backland 102W

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Atomic Backland 102 is a backcountry ski that’s light, floaty in the pow but also versatile enough to deliver top performance on hard pack (and one that looks as good as it feels too!). With a 102mm waist it’s our widest Backland ski for women. With a Powder Rocker that&rs…

  • Sizes: 156, 164, 172 cm
  • Dimensions: 129 / 102 / 120 mm

Atomic Backland 107

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Atomic Backland 107 is a powder-charging backcountry ski – featuring HRZN Tech in the tip for even more floatation.

  • Sizes: 175, 182, 189 cm
  • Dimensions: 137 / 107 / 124 mm

Moment Skis Deathwish Tour 112

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Honestly, the decision to redesign the Deathwish Tour came from some pretty simple reasoning. Instead of letting people fall in love with the Deathwish then making them choose a different ski for touring, we figured it made more sense to just give them what they want: a lightweight, skin-r…

  • Sizes: 174, 184, 190 cm
  • Dimensions: 138 / 112 / 129 mm

4FRNT Hoji

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Hoji is Eric’s go to ski for big mountain exploration. Whether you’re out touring or charging the sidecountry lines from the resort, the HOJI allows you to slash, surf, or dump speed on a dime. This ski is unique by allowing you to drive the ski underfoot vs. pressuring …

  • Sizes: 179, 187, 195 cm
  • Dimensions: 130 / 112 / 121 mm

4FRNT Hoji W

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The HOJI W is the queen of Eric’s Hjorleifson's series of shapes. He designed, tested and refined every detail of this ski for big mountain exploration. Whether you’re out touring, or charging the sidecountry lines from the resort, this ski enables you to slash, surf, and du…

  • Sizes: 171, 179 cm
  • Dimensions: 127 / 112 / 119 mm

Coalition Snow La Nieve

2020 Skis

Newschooler's Review: The La Nieve is my go-to touring ski. The shape combined with tech bindings made my initial impressions of the ski a little reserved, but after skiing them for over a season I couldn't be happier. I'm on the 180 length and they've been my companion on many of the lines I'm proud of in the Te…

  • Sizes: 168, 173, 180 cm
  • Dimensions: 142 / 115 / 129 mm

Icelantic Nomad Lite

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Nomad 105 Lite is an ultra-lite freeride tool that excels both touring as well as freeriding all over the mountain. Featuring Icelantic's Ochroma Core, the Nomad 105 Lite has all the characteristics of our top-selling Nomad 105 at a fraction of the weight. We like to consider the N…

  • Sizes: 161, 171, 181, 191 cm
  • Dimensions: 140 / 105 / 130 mm

Moment Skis Wildcat Tour 108

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Back again for the 19/20 season the Wildcat Tour 108 is a slimmer and lighter version of our classic Wildcat Tour. The 108 version comes in at ten millimeters skinnier and almost a full pound lighter than its wider counterpart, making it the ideal touring ski for those who like to get afte…

  • Sizes: 176, 184, 190 cm
  • Dimensions: 134 / 108 / 127 mm

Moment Skis Wildcat Tour 116

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: While people have been touring for close to a decade on the ski we now call the Wildcat, it's always been a labor of love. The Wildcat Tour shaves off almost two pounds per pair, which translates to literal tons on the skin track. It's everything you love about the Wildcat, with more laps …

  • Sizes: 174, 184, 190 cm
  • Dimensions: 141 / 116 / 131 mm

Blizzard Zero G 105

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: If you are searching for the perfect tool to discover the perfect backcountry run, look no more. Blizzard’s 105mm waisted Zero G offering for 2019/20 feels at home in the skin track, and then really shows its colors after you pull skins and transition into reward mode for the payof…

  • Sizes: 164, 172, 180, 188 cm
  • Dimensions: 134 / 105 / 120 mm