Armada ARV 86

2020 Skis

Member Quick Review : Park is where the 86 truly shines. I've been riding wider skis for the past couple of years and I was surprised. I thought the 86 would be your stereotypical jump and trail ski, but this thing slays everything. It's got a really nice buttery flex in the tip and tail, and it's super solid underf…

  • Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184 cm
  • Dimensions: 116 / 86 / 110 mm

Armada BDOG

2020 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Armada BDog is basically what I always hoped the T-Hall ski would evolve into. It feels like a wide ski, but without the compromises of a fatter ski. Many of you will be considering the ARV skis or the Dollo, but for the more jibby among you, I would take a closer look at the BDog…

  • Sizes: 164, 172, 180 cm
  • Dimensions: 121 / 94 / 116.5 mm

Armada BDog Edgeless

2020 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: I was very impressed by the Armada BDog Edgeless. I am not one for a soft swerve skis in general but I had fun skiing these in the park. I wouldn’t choose it for my daily driver unless I was trying to enhance my butter game but I did find it incredibly fun. When it comes down to it…

  • Sizes: 172, 180 cm
  • Dimensions: 121 / 94 / 116.5 mm

Armada EDollo

2020 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The new iteration of the Dollo is... almost exactly like the old one to be honest. A softer tail means the skis feel slightly more balanced despite the rockered nose and cambered tail. And they still have a decent degree of torsional stiffness compared to other jib noodles like the Li…

  • Sizes: 164, 172, 180 cm
  • Dimensions: 131 / 98 / 121 mm

Line Honey Bee

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Simple and sweet without any extraneous BS, the LINE Honey Bee takes design notes from the Honey Badger. This simplistic killer packs all you need for park skiing - right down to the Fatty Base and edge. Because women's skiing needs a future, too.

  • Sizes: 144, 155, 166 cm
  • Dimensions: 120 / 92 / 116 mm

ON3P Magnus 102

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Magnus 102 is the widest and newest 100mm+ frontier for our decade-plus of rockered park ski development. Designed for the slopestyle and urban focused skier who takes their skills all over the mountain, it provides a more stable platform and top end stability over our dedicated pa…

  • Sizes: 171, 176, 181, 186 cm
  • Dimensions: 129 / 102 / 124 mm @ 176cm

ON3P Magnus 90

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Magnus 90 is the latest evolution in a decade-plus of rockered park ski design. A soft-yet-firm, round profile allows for unparalleled flex + pop when buttering, tip taper eliminates hookiness when carving, and a more balanced sidecut helps equalize swing weight once airborne. The Ma…

  • Sizes: 161, 171, 176, 181, 186 cm
  • Dimensions: 116 / 90 / 114 mm @ 176cm

RMU (Rocky Mountain Underground) Rippah

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: A core freestyle ski, from its construction to its shape, the Rippah embodies an instrument designed for creative expression. A lightweight poplar core provides the platform for low swing-weight and playfulness. Responsive flex while burly construction holds up to over-flexing, hitting rails…

  • Sizes: 185 cm
  • Dimensions: 132 / 98 / 132 mm

Line Tom Wallisch Pro

2020 Skis

Newschoolers' Review: "I love this ski. I've been in the park since around 2000 and I can honestly say these are one of, if not the, best park skis I have ever used. They make doing things in the park easier, and because of that they give you a feeling that you can try more. And partly because of the ski, you can ge…

  • Sizes: 157, 164, 171, 178 cm
  • Dimensions: 117 / 90 / 112 mm

Vishnu Wet

2020 Skis

The Vishnu WET is a 2020 Editors pick. Newschoolers' Quick Review: I wish I could find a real fault in the Wet but no ski has ever felt so perfect for my skiing. Even after 30+ days of hitting rails, jibbing rocks, and driving them like a rental car, there were no edge cracks. I do wish it came in a longer leng…

  • Sizes: 177, 183 cm
  • Dimensions: 116 / 88 / 116 mm