The ski industry is not known for its ability to hide secrets and the fact that a new boot brand was coming to the freeski/freeride space would have been a pretty big thing to try and hide. Thus, it has been some time since we confirmed the news that something bootlike was cooking over at Full Stack Supply Co.

Since the announcement, things went a little quiet, but as of today, the new brand now officially has a name, and more than that, it has a product line. The hotly anticipated new freeski boots are finally peeking over the horizon, and today the brand has unveiled its name—@phaenom —as well as a website with the first sneak peeks of the product.

As some of your may or may not know, I live an hour or so down the road from the Full Stack head office and, now and again, I'll drop round for a chat. My most recent meetings with the crew over there have all been about this new boot brand. At the beginning of this winter, I spent a few hours at the office giving feedback, so I have had more of an idea of what's coming than most... For now, I'll just say "lovechild of two of the most revered freeski boots in history". But it's worth stressing, these are brand new boots from the mold up (which is mindblowing to me knowing what goes into that).

My visits to the office tend to work out well for the NS community too. In the fall, I was able to give away a pair of Faction Studio 1.0s that I found lying around the office. My most recent chat with the Head of Marketing, Tim, spawned the NS X phaenom seeding project.

Long story short, phaenom footwear is releasing 200 pairs of its first-ever boots to a select ‘cohort’ this spring; a network community program of designers, athletes, ambassadors, and specialist retail partners. As a result of my chat with Tim, five members of the Newschoolers community will be among them. Those selected will be part of the review/development program of these boots and will form part of this phaenom cohort going forwards.

How does it work? Simply fill out this short application for a chance to be selected.

While the boots are yet to be released to the public, and much information is being kept under wraps, here is some key information on the different boot configurations available as part of the first 200 pairs:

The boots will be shipped to cohort members by the end of March, 2023. The application takes ~ 5 minutes to complete, but the better your application, the better your chances. Click the button below to shoot your shot:

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