In years past, you'd see the likes of Sander Hadley, Forster Meeks, Magnus & Shay Lee, along with, plenty of others out having the time of their life. Beartooth is unlike any other summer ski area and it's hard to put into words but "the energy is inspiring and vibes are all time." Now, Beartooth Basin needs your help to keep one of the raddest summer ski areas alive.

"Beartooth Basin is not your average ski hill. You could describe it as backcountry skiing with a lift. Similar to traditional lift-serve ski facilities, the Basin is staffed with professional ski patrollers and skillful lift attendants. And just like other ski areas, it faces extreme economic challenges - aging infrastructure, high equipment costs, expensive insurance policies, and rigorous engineering inspections. All of these obstacles are made even more difficult with the access issues experienced due to its remote location at the whim of multiple surface owner-operators of US Hwy212.

US Hwy 212, also known as The Beartooth Pass, is a truly unique setting - high alpine views, a plethora of ski routes, and like minded folks that enjoy the simplicity of skiing and exploring the mountains with friends. Beartooth Basin offers patrons access to an experience that has been quoted as “the spirit of skiing“ or “skiing’s soul”. Any skier that drops in to Twin Lakes Headwall is a caretaker of that spirit.

It is the mission of Beartooth Basin to preserve this unforgettable western skiing experience for future generations. In the age of corporate ski resort conglomerates, it is important to keep locally-owned ski hills thriving and it takes a community effort to make that happen. Each year, it is an uphill battle to provide uphill service to skiers and snowboarders that visit Red Lodge for a summer snow session. With that spirit in mind, for the 2019 Basin season to occur, we humbly ask for your support.

The 2019 Beartooth Basin fund drive is now open to receive your pledge of support in exchange for lift tickets, season passes, VIP ski tours, merchandise, and private events at the Basin. With your support, we will be able to kickstart the infrastructure necessary to bring the joy & adventure from being on top of the world sliding on snow."

If you have the means, donate here.