“Everyone has been chugging beers and hucking off the cornice and it’s only 11 am…” - An understandably concerned ski patrol.

ON3P rider Nash sendin it

To begin with - if you haven't already gone to Beartooth Basin then it's time to buckle up those boots, slather on sunscreen and road trip out to the greatest ski area you've never heard of. This terrain is not for the faint of heart. Every run starts with a cornice drop, leads to a steep landing and ends with a traverse back to the poma lift. A fall in any of the upper section will result in sliding down half the mountain. Liquid confidence is encouraged.


The lower poma lift showcases the creativity and style each skier brings with rails, jumps and homemade kickers. Even avalanche debris becomes new features to jib, hand-plant and flip off of.

A car sized chunk of snow fell off the cornice the day before.


When Bearooth Basin and the ON3P team up rowdy skiing is ensured. The Summer Session combined big mountain and slope-style skiing to create an event unique in every way possible. It's not about winning or losing - it's about sending it as big as you can.

At the event ON3P managed to transform park rats into big mountain skiers. Next winter they'll all be using dynafit bindings, wearing patagucci and putting Alta stickers on their cars. Magnus even used poles to throw a /HUGE/ hand-drag 3 off the top of the cornice.


The event commentary went along the lines of "Can anyone tell us what's going on up there?" "That was a horrible fall." "Holy shit!" "He may be a park skier but I won't hold it against him." "Oh he threw his poles, transitioning from big mountain to park rider."

No poles no problem, amirite?

This is going to sound like an advertisement but if ON3P skis could last through the Beartooth Basin then they could last through anything. Every person who demoed the ON3P skis collectively agreed that they would be purchasing a pair in the near future. "I can't believe I'm going to spend more than $500 on a pair of skis..." became the general consensus.

Semi-pro model/ON3P production team member Will shows off his dab

Even after the lifts stop running the Beartooth Mountain Range proved itself to be worthy of quality backcountry corn skiing. It's only when the sun finally starts to set that everyone heads back to camp to kick soccer balls at each other, chat around the fire and drink a 'couple' of beers.


Rock Creek Headwall

It’s easy to compare Beartooth to other summer skiing locations such as Mt. Hood or Mammoth - but this area is something special. It's not quite possible to explain into words why, but anyone who's been to Beartooth would say the same. The energy is inspiring and vibes are all time.

The view >

The Summer Session brought together a group of snow-lovin kids who aren't throwing down for attention or to impress. This event was all about scaring yourself, getting out of your comfort zone and having fun. This event is what skiing should be about. So sure it's already June, but there's still time to get out there and go skiing with your friends.

A happy bunch of Swedish skiers. Photo by Brontë Wittpenn

Cover photo by Kinzley Photography