There are now, more than ever before, a large group of a women skiers that are killing it with style in and out of the park. Looking back, this may serve as a breakout year for many. That said, the amount of content that we see coming from these skiers is still next to none. That is why we've drummed up this “fantasy draft” of women that we’d love to see a full movie segment from. Each is killing it in their own way, be it busting out big jump tricks, or by slaying rails with stylish and technical tricks that most other skiers, regardless of gender can throw.


Sarah Hoefflin

Swiss freeski team rider Sarah has the skill in the park and in the backcountry to put together a banger all-around segment. While her Olympic gold medal from this year’s games might suggest that she’s a park rat, that is far from the truth. Hoefflin has loads of experience in the backcountry and in big mountain, too. We’d love to see her take the freestyle prowess shown in the Olympics and bring it to some backcountry booters. Switch dub 9 in the backcountry? Yes please!

Read More about Hoefflin here


Taylor Lundquist

A Newschoolers favorite, Taylor Lundquist has a deep bag of rail tricks, and clean style. While Lundquist unfortunately missed the Olympics by just a small margin, we think her style and tricks would lend even better to a film segment anyway. If she can take some of her rail tricks into the streets, we would be watching a fire segment, that’s for sure. Level 1 hasn’t had a women’s street segment since Kaya Turski in 2010’s film Eye Trip, Lundquist would be a good pick for the next.

Read more about Lundquist here and here:


The Cariboo Blondes

This isn’t just one woman, but a group of women, so we’re asking for a full film, not just one segment. This group of two-stroke burning, cliff hucking skiers brings the party to the BC backcountry. Their edits are fun, relatable, and they rip hard, so lets see the full film!


Lisa Zimmerman

Lisa Zimmerman may have broken the internet recently, but that was for a photoshoot, not a film shoot. What some commenters and viewers might forget is that Zimmerman isn’t just a Playboy model, but a ripping skier, one of the most talented ladies ever to do it. Injuries have kept her off of the mainstream contest scene for a couple years, but when healthy, Zimmerman can step up to throw some seriously big tricks. She's’ obviously not camera shy, but I’m not sure if she’s skied much backcountry or street. It would be fun to see if her “don’t give a fuck” attitude, and big hucking skills could adapt.


Kelly Sildaru

This one almost feels like a cop-out, but Kelly is a star for a reason. Dominating the contest scene has been Sildaru’s priority up until her knee injury this year, so we haven’t seen a lot of filming from here lately. Now that she is a little bit bigger (meaning she can get the speed to hit and clear bigger jumps), it would be awesome to see her step back in front of the lens. She was throwing switch 5s in to pow with PVS when she was ten afterall. I think a full Kelly Sildaru segment would have fit in awesome with all of the other great riding in Faction’s movie “This is Home.”