I met Taylor back in September, at IF3. We got chatting about skateboarding she immediately challenged me, a somewhat intoxicated English stranger, to a game of skate. I think that says a lot about a person. By the time I sat down in the cinema the next day, I'd found out a bit more about her and thus knew she was in the Diamond Annies short. But I was still blown away when I saw the style she rides with on the big screen and sat there thinking 'where did this girl come from, how is she not huge?

It turns out I was simply typifying the media blindspot when it comes to #womensskiing, because on further research, Taylor's been killing it for years. She took her second win in a row at R2R earlier this month and I hit her up (last week) about doing this 'intro' piece, essentially because her skiing NEEDS more attention. I suggested she try and stack some new footage and we'd drop it, along with some words on NS. Less than a week later, I had the edit below in my inbox. Watch it, read her words and pay attention, this girl is part of the future.


What's up Taylor! You're hot off your second big competition win at R2R in Killington. Tell me a bit about how you ended up out there and what it was like to take home the win?

Hey Twig! Yeah so, I went last year and it was a lot of fun, the setup was so dope and the people were so nice and generous, that this year I had to go back and hope for another win.

It seems to me like you're coming into this year hot with that, the Diamond Annies footage, killing the insta game etc. So tell me a bit about you, where you're based, what you're stoked on etc.

Haha well I guess that's a good thing! I grew up in Park City and I am still here doing the ski thing. Ski then work, ski then work. I've been doing the competition circuit for a while, which I really enjoy I just think it's flawed a little bit. I am working my way towards the top again though. Anyway we won't get into that, I just feel it's a very political thing. I'm supporting myself, getting myself to competitions and it's not easy, but sometimes it pays off and skiing is the only thing I want to surround myself around at this point in my life.

I'm excited to get more into street skiing, I've already been out a couple times since the snow came down on Utah. That shit is hard work, but I am really stoked on doing it! I have also been getting really into skating in the summers, it is such an OG sport and I really appreciate the consistency and patience of people who can skateboard. It is by far one of the hardest things I have ever done, mentally and physically.


Do you have any riders you particularly look up to or feel influence your style?I just really appreciate any stylish person, someone who puts a lot of focus into that is a huge influence to me. You could do a simple 180, steeze it out and it could be better than a hucked dub. Style is key.

What's your take on #womensskiing or whatever it's branded these days? Is it used as an excuse?

Is it an excuse for what? The fact our skill level isn't nearly as high as the boys? Girls are different and there aren't enough of us to push each other like the boys do. It's like women in any extreme sports... look at skateboarding. We are evolving though, it takes time and a lot more love for women's skiing needs to happen.


You've already won a major contest, dropped an edit and it isn't even Christmas yet, what are your plans for the rest of the winter?

Traveling a lot this winter for comps, working on a segment for Diamond Annies, filming more edits and of course smiling lots for Sam.

Tell me more about Diamond Annies....

We're a group of 8 bad bitches, hitting the streets hard. Changing women's skiing and bringing more BB's into the scene.


The last film was the LAST park movie so... all street footage this year?

ALL street is the plan for the DA movie this year. We have already been going hard in the streets.

So stoked for that, thanks for chatting to us! Of course last but not least, shoutouts?

All the love and support from the homies, Trina and the whole DA crew. All the companies who support my crazy dream. Truly thank you and so much love.