Modified Halfpipe Highlights

Jib Section Highlights

The jump section was the ultimate act of the 2017 Dew Tour Team Challenge. Unfortunately that meant the sun was setting, things were getting somewhat icy and the wind was picking up. Nonetheless, the guys were willing to throw down. Tim McChesney sent a switch dub 14 right off the bat but unfortunately slightly misjudged the second cork. Henrik went for a slightly more mellow/stylish approach with a cork 9 to switch dub 10 blunt combo and scored well for it, putting Armada in temporary pole position. Evan McEachran stepped up the tech level with a right dub 12 to switch dub 12 but had a couple of tickled grabs in there which hurt his score. Nick Goepper mirrored that same combo but with cleaner grabs to put Volkl back into a healthy lead. Nicky Keefer lost himself in the air and took a heavy slam and was knocked out cold. He was awake and coherent before the second run took place, so hopefully he is ok.

Run two was highlighted by Gus Kenworthy stepping in, with no warm up, to replace Nicky K. He stomped a switch dub 10 to switch dub 12 combo, which deserves mad respect in the circumstances. In doing so he bumped Head Skis down to fourth keeping Team Atomic on the podium for a second year running, and leaving Volkl to take the win. Check out the best runs from the jumps below and use the links above for Modified Pipe and Jib Section.

Henrik Harlaut - Run 1

Nick Goepper - Run 1

Evan McEachran - Run 2

Gus Kenworthy - Run 2 (no warmup)