Modified pipe was a somewhat strange event to watch but there is no denying it mixed up the competition norm. We saw style turns, hand-drags, coping tricks, sketchy rail hits and dub corks all in the pipe. Rails and pipe skis were unlikely to ever be a match made in heaven and so it proved with only very mellow rail tricks and several edge catches.

The modifications to the pipe had to take place overnight because the regular pipe was required for the Olympic Qualifier element of Dew Tour. As a result, the guys didn’t have a lot of time to practice and nobody seemed to have the modifications totally dialled. Torin did the best job of handling the course on run one, hitting all the features but not quite keeping it clean. Ultimately, Hunter Hess came out on top for Team Volkl with the cleanest run of the day, a run which mixed a dub cork 12 with a handrag under the goalpost rail. Miguel Porteous, Birk Irving and Aaron Blunck also got to grips with the modified pipe better for run two meaning scores were close to level for the majority of teams at the end of part one of the Team Challenge.