The jib section of the Team challenged was built out of the top two features of the slopestyle course with an added bank of rails on the table of what used to be the first jump. While the guys didn’t look totally comfortable in the modified pipe earlier on, the jib section riders fucking slayed it from the start. Gus Kenworthy was on top after run one, with a super tech showing. Quinn Wolferman brought some insane style to end up second while A Hall, Jesper Tjader and Sean Jordan all put it down for their teams too. We’ve got all of the clean runs below so watch and enjoy.

On run two, Quinn Wolferman upped his last trick to a 990 out but had a slight bobble on his switch 4 on. Neither Seany J or A Hall managed to improve but Jesper did clean up his run slightly to bump his score a couple of points. Nick Goepper dialled in his rail run to push Team Volkl straight into first, and when Gus didn't manage to step it up for run two, there they remained after the second part of the Team Challenge.

Alex Hall - Run 1

Quinn Wolferman - Run 1

Gus Kenworthy - Run 1

Sean Jordan - Run 1

Jesper Tjader - Run 1

Nick Goepper - Run 2