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Quinn Wolferman X Games 2022 - The Dub

by quinnw
Apr 2022 - 2.9K views

Haven't posted on NS in a long time, I wanted this video to live on here too. Hope this finds the right kid on NS and makes him or her inspired to go live their dream. X Games was not necessarily my ultimate goal in life or skiing, although I knew if I could get there, and win my life would change. Mainly for myself. To show myself what I can accomplish on skis and in life. I loved NS growing up and it is a big reason as to why I was able to find so much inspiration for pushing my skiing & finding confidence in it. If it weren't for NS I would have never have felt the same push to keep grinding in skiing from the outside world. I found a home here & still appreciate it to this day. There are a lot of smart, funny, talented young and old people on here. I am looking forward to the next generation of skiers to live on here, help create their identity and excel through this small platform. I say "small" but this website was my world. Don't ever worry about the starting aspect, just focus on a simple beautiful goal and watch it unfold with the right work ethic and opportunity. Anything is possible fam. Love y'all.

quan summa sawce

by quinnw
Aug 2016 - 16.5K views

This summer was so damn fun!! Met so many good people and re connected with so many friends. Thanks to Windells for having me most of the summer. Hope this gets some people stoked!

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Quinn Wolferman Hood | Part 2

by quinnw
Aug 2014 - 13.3K views

Had the best summer of my life, here are the clips i got from the second half of the summer. Thanks to all my friends, family and supporters who made it an awesome one!

Quinn Wolferman Mixtape 2k15

by quinnw
Sep 2015 - 16.7K views

Thanks to all my friends, family, and sponsors for making this season too fun.
Shoutout to anyone who was willing to follow me around with a camera. Hope this gets some people stoked to shred,