Quinn Wolferman X Games 2022 - The Dub

published Apr 2022 - 2,812 views

Haven't posted on NS in a long time, I wanted this video to live on here too. Hope this finds the right kid on NS and makes him or her inspired to go live their dream. X Games was not necessarily my ultimate goal in life or skiing, although I knew if I could get there, and win my life would change. Mainly for myself. To show myself what I can accomplish on skis and in life. I loved NS growing up and it is a big reason as to why I was able to find so much inspiration for pushing my skiing & finding confidence in it. If it weren't for NS I would have never have felt the same push to keep grinding in skiing from the outside world. I found a home here & still appreciate it to this day. There are a lot of smart, funny, talented young and old people on here. I am looking forward to the next generation of skiers to live on here, help create their identity and excel through this small platform. I say "small" but this website was my world. Don't ever worry about the starting aspect, just focus on a simple beautiful goal and watch it unfold with the right work ethic and opportunity. Anything is possible fam. Love y'all.


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