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Vincent Gagnier || A Short Season of Funk

by VinniCash
May 2018 - 4.3K views

This was filmed in December 2017 at Mammoth Mountain and Park City. Unfortunately this is the best footage I got this year. My season came to an early end for the second year in a row because of injuries, definitely not what I had planned for this season but that’s how life goes sometimes. I’m confident I will be back with newer, better and funkier tricks in the near futur, until then patience and effort are my new best friends!

Pre Donner

by VinniCash
Nov 2017 - 1.9K views

So stoked to be doing what I love the most in the world again! For those who don't know, I tore my ACL on a straight air 10 minutes before X Games Big Air started last year... The rehab sucked but hey I'm back now!! And GSL Prods is back too!!

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