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Vincent Gagnier || A Short Season of Funk

by VinniCash
May 2018 - 4.1K views

This was filmed in December 2017 at Mammoth Mountain and Park City. Unfortunately this is the best footage I got this year. My season came to an early end for the second year in a row because of injuries, definitely not what I had planned for this season but that’s how life goes sometimes. I’m confident I will be back with newer, better and funkier tricks in the near futur, until then patience and effort are my new best friends!

Pre Donner

by VinniCash
Nov 2017 - 1.9K views

So stoked to be doing what I love the most in the world again! For those who don't know, I tore my ACL on a straight air 10 minutes before X Games Big Air started last year... The rehab sucked but hey I'm back now!! And GSL Prods is back too!!

J'ai Donné 5

by VinniCash
Nov 2012 - 3.3K views

Here it is. GSL's 5th movie, with the same kind of vibe as always. There were no NZ trips this year, so not a lot of next level rail tricks but a few crazy jump tricks throughout the year. Featuring the riding of: B Devine, Georges Perron, Alexi Godbout, Alex Bellemare, Charles Gagnier, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Toben Sutherland, Benoit Gendron, Tom Wallisch, B DOG, Ian Cosco, Kaya Turski, Maude Raymond, Kim Lamarre, Dara Howell, Jamieson Irvine, Vincent Gagnier, TJ Schiller, Noah Morrison, Joss Christensen, Alex Schlopy, Ashley Battersby, Nick Goepper, James 'Woodsy' Woods, Dom Laporte, Tourists, Filmed by: ESK MEDIA (Nick Ass, Math V, Ludo Lefebvre), Brotherhood Films (Xavier Mayrand), Joakim Aslund, JF CUSSON, Toben Sutherland, GSL CREW (CASS, HAM, CASH, MONEY), STOUCH. Shot on location: Mammoth, Breckenridge, Mont Orignal, Keystone, Killington, Snowbasin, Mount Hood, Are, Bachelor, Whistler

G Donné 5 TEASER

by VinniCash
Aug 2012 - 956 views

GSL Prods is proud to present their 5th and worst movie so far in the J'ai Donné SAGA?..Featuring the skiing of Alexi Godbout, JF Houle, Phil Casabon, P WHITE, Vincent Gagnier, Maude Raymond, Kim Lamarre, Kaya Tursky, JF Cusson, Charles Gagnier, Joss, Christensen, Alex Schlopy, T WALL, GUS, B Devine, Chas Guldemond and a BUNCH OF FRIENDS?..filmed with love, passion and purity??GSL to the world

The Casual Edit

by VinniCash
May 2012 - 6K views

GSL prods follow the trendy tricks, if you want to see switch ups, pretzels, taps, shuffles, blunts, stales, mutes, then this edit is made for you!!!

Vink skiing WIZ a GAYSONG

by VinniCash
Feb 2012 - 13.2K views

5 runs filming in PC before getting a little hurt, and then a day up at Mammmm. PS turn off the volume if you can't listen to this song. I loved this song when i was in 1ST Grade hahahahahah


by VinniCash
Nov 2011 - 2.6K views

GSL Productions is proud to release ''J'ai Donné 4''. A low quality ski movie following the 2010-2011 season of the GSL CREW and Friends. Our 4th film and yet our best. Filmed by: LP Sanfaçon, Benoit Cormier, Joakim Aslund, Cass, Cash, Ham,B-Paul, B-Will, B-Georges, Money, Zac B, and Math V. Featuring the skiing of Simon Dumont, Joe Schuster, Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Nils Lauper, Taylor Seaton, Pat Baskins, Antoine Choquette, B-Dog, B-Paul, B-Mile, JF Houle, Alexi Godbout, Alex Bellemare, Adrian Pougiales, Chas Guldemond, Georges Perron, Max Perron, Vincent Gagnier, Pierrot Gagnier, Charles Gagnier, Antoine Gagnier, and Kristie Leskinen. Filmed around the Globe A movie made to make people smile and think about what is possible. GSL FOR LIFE

Diesel Spin

by VinniCash
Nov 2010 - 4.5K views

Trying to redo Mauro Nunez's signature trick....The DIESEL SPIN, its a rodeo but you grab with the wrong hand