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BTG | Markus Eder Raw Phone Clips | Snowpark Zermatt

by Twig
Jul 22nd - 240 views

Raw vertical vomit with @MarkusEder from Snowpark Zermatt.

Thought it'd be fun to upload the full phone clips 'behind the gram' to show how casual it was (and because I hope some of you have a more than 30-second attention span). Markus was just chilling on summer vacation with a bunch of young local rippers from his home hill, who he brought out to Zermatt to get a chance to summer shred. This was a fun day of just cruising, not trying to film... but Marcus banged this out in like 3 laps.

A Punctuation?

by Twig
Apr 2023 - 8.3K views

A Punctuation? started life as I began to make my way deeper into my 30s. At first, it was an ambitious plan to make one last video part. With my best skiing days firmly behind me, I set out to film a last 'proper' part with my much younger, much better at skiing, friend Marinho Meyer. The goal was to stack street, backcountry, and park shots, mostly for myself as a keepsake, but also to finally work together on something more substantial too.

Then the pandemic hit, I blew my knee skiing flat pow... and the project fell by the wayside for obvious reasons. I don't think I'm going to be jumping back on the filming horse anytime soon, but these are the couple of shots we stacked before things went pear-shaped, along with other random clips from the seasons since I last put together an edit. It's definitely not what I hoped for but it's what it is.

Part of me wants to keep going, but the older, wiser (?) part thinks it's probably the end of this road. 'A punctuation?' Well, partly it's a nod to the last cut I made, to perhaps my favorite ever quote from an NS article, but also, maybe this will be the last ski edit I put together. There's always a question mark over that though because it's so damn fun to get clipped.

Music: Poor Man's Poison - C'Mon Down

Film: Marinho Meyer + Friends

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