Noah Albaladejo B&E Invitational 2015

by Twig
Apr 2015 - 1.7K views

Noah Albaladejo was invited as a rookie to the 2015 B&E invitational to compete against the style legends in Les Arcs, France, he was lucky enough to walk away with the best overall rider and best trick awards, voted by his fellow skiers. Check out some shots from his time there.

MSP - Fade To Winter - Official Trailer

by Twig
Aug 2015 - 2.7K views

Times change, just as each season gives way to the next. For passionate skiers around the globe, however, the time of year can never undermine the enthusiasm for their next great day on snow. Regardless of weather, conditions, or the effort required to get there, ?a bad day of skiing still beats a good day at work.? As summer eases into fall and fall eventually fades to winter, dreams of skiing occupy our minds and we focus all of our energy on returning to the mountains.
MSP Films, the production powerhouse behind MCCONKEY and DAYS OF MY YOUTH, is proud to present FADE TO WINTER. Featuring jaw-dropping action from Alaska, Iceland, British Columbia, Japan, Colorado, Italy, and New England, this film captures the spirit of nine skiers who go to great lengths for the sport that they love. Starring Markus Eder, Bobby Brown, Michelle Parker, Mark Abma, Tanner Rainville, Aaron Blunck, James Heim, Sean Jordan, PK Hunder, and others.

Cartel Blanc Trailer

by Twig
Aug 2016 - 5.2K views

Featuring Max Hill Cole Drexler Jossi Wells Matt Brindisi & Corey Vanular

FIlmed by Paul Reid and Matt Tipold

Edited & Directed by Leigh Powis


by Twig
Sep 2016 - 6.1K views

Featuring: Maximillian Smith, Forer Michael, Simone Canal, Markus Eder, Will Wesson, Ralph Welponer, Nicolas Orlandi. Tom Ritsch, Simon Grissemann

Having a blast shredding the snowpark of Zermatt with some great people for four days. Weather couldn't have been better either. Thanks to Nicolas Orlandi and Cervinia for their help.

Legs Of Steel: "Squawk" in Lofoten

by Twig
Nov 2016 - 3.8K views

Presented by O'Neill & CEP Compression. After recently acquiring his pilot license, Sven Kueenle decides to take to the air deep within the Arctic Circle and takes Paddy Graham with him.

Filmed and edited by Michael Haunschmidt
Sound Design & mix by Martin Rohrmoser, Locationsound.AT
Motion Graphics by Chris Asquith
Photography by Pally Learmond

4FRNT - HERE & NOW (Full Movie)

by Twig
Nov 2016 - 3.2K views

4FRNT presents HERE and NOW! Roadside camping in AK with Wiley Miller, Hoji checks in from a snowcave somewhere in BC, Cam Riley double kinks his way into oncoming traffic, David Wise breaks a World Record, Eirik Finseth hit ludicrous speed in Norway and Thayne Rich proves he's the next big thing in skiing.

Alternate Approach - Eric Pollard & Karl Fostvedt

by Twig
Dec 2016 - 6.3K views

Some of the best terrain on the planet can only be accessed by the quick, coordinated, and surgical flight pattern of a helicopter. In this short, Eric Pollard and and Karl Fostvedt pack their bags for the western shoreline of Kootenay Lake, just outside of Nelson, BC., for a heli trip for the books. When the bird lifts off the ground and the pilot’s voice comes through the headphones – only the powder slashes, butters, and cliff drops that dreams are made of lay ahead. Good thing these guys brought their snorkels – it was well overhead out there…
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📼 Zermatt Zummer 📼

by Twig
Sep 2019 - 10.8K views

Zermatt was our paradise once again this summer. We shared one small room, skied every day, and lived that fam life. We also made this short tape. Thanks @snowparkzermatt for everything!

Primary filming: Twig

Additional filming: Andrey, Siver, Dan, Josselin

Editing: Andrey & Twig