The chances are you're reading this on a phone. Maybe you're taking a quick break from Instagram, maybe you even clicked through directly from there. Maybe you're more of a Tik Tok guy. Regardless... fuck you.

I've spent a lot of my recent years feeling like the proverbial old man yelling at a cloud. But finalizing the greatest edit of all time poll was the final straw for me. I watched more than a hundred classic ski edits and, although @Kretzschmar did the bulk of the actual work, it clicked for me that we seriously are fucking up the game. And not in a good way.

Yes, the independent ski movie is thriving. The money is in short supply but we do get to see a plethora of insane short films and movies in the fall each year and that's dope. But then what? In season, the content dries up. What do you watch to get hyped just before you go knock out some park laps? What do you watch on loop trying to figure out just how they tweaked that grab or landed that smooth? In short, what happened to the park edit? Well essentially, it died thanks to social media, a lack of support, and your piss poor attention span. Don't try and deny it.

"But social media is democratizing ski content, look how many people get sponsored these days". Fuck you and your flow deal right back to whatever hole you crawled from. I don't give a shit how good you are at skiing. Until you've made something that people will remember for more than 15 seconds, buy your own damn skis. And @skibrands (ha), pay for style, pay for impact, pay for quality... not for the stuff people watch during their morning shit. Ok, yes, this is turning into a disjointed rant. But that's largely because this has been bouncing around in my head for years now... and so to my point:

This season, we decided to try and do something about it. I spent much of the summer & fall reaching out to some legends of the sport. And lo and behold, many felt the same way. So fuck it, I decided that if nobody else would pay riders who keep it true for this stuff, we would. I scrounged some budget from the corporate overlords and we came up with NS Originals Season One. That moniker has been around for a minute now but the plan here is to make it the best of the best, to bring back the OG ski edit.

We have six episodes on deck and we'll be releasing them in the coming weeks on the site and our YouTube. Each cut is 3-4 minutes and in my opinion at least, they are as good as the classics we had in our Greatest Of All Time Edit Poll. Watch them on repeat, figure out how you can emulate that style, make your own... or don't. At this point, I don't care. I just watched the rough cuts of the first three of these and they're sick. I'm finishing this rant and hauling my ancient ass up the hill to try and get some clips myself for the first time in forever, because that's what proper content does, it makes you want to go skiing.


NS Originals Season One:

@jc_peggy X @SIMPLE. - Dead Incels - Live Now

@TWallisch X @Goodcompanyski - FourThreeFive (feat. Colby Stevenson, Mac Forehand, Lucas Wachs, Tim McChesney & Mitchell Brower)

@Keegankilbride X @Upstate_Willis / Ethan Timmons - Hyland (feat. Will Berman)

@lauraobermeyer - Northern Method (feat Catty Agnew, Skye Clarke & Shonny Charboneau)

The Wells Bros (@BeauJamesWells ) - NZ Confidential (working title)

@lauraobermeyer - Dues Paid (working title)


The trailer:


A huge shoutout goes to the riders and filmers who jumped on board with this project. Thanks for believing in the concept and the edit as a medium in today's media landscape. Cheers!