North American Open

by JGP.
Mar 6th 2008 - 18 comments

Hey Guys, this is Bobby Brown, coming to you from a Switch Gloves
update. So far my season has been out of control, I have been competing
a bunch and it has been going pretty well. Best comp so far was the
North American Open.


by JGP.
Feb 9th 2008 - 32 comments

Hello Newschoolers! We finally got this team updates thing figured out and plan on getting you lots of stories and photos from the Switch team. We're going to have a few contests along the way so keep your eyes out...

iPhone, iPod touch v1.1.1 jailbroken, apps ported and running

by JGP.
Oct 8th 2007 - 0 comments

Well lookey see here, sounds like v1.1.1 isn't all doom and gloom after all. The iPhone dev community's apparently not only moved past accessing the nigh-unbreakable file system protections Apple implemented in the latest iPhone and iPod touch firmwares, they've also managed to hack the SpringBoard app into shape enough to properly launch 3rd party apps (which were, as expected, recompiled to function with the new iPhone frameworks). The iPod touch has apparently also been hacked for root access, and apparently those freshly recompiled apps are functioning there as well. But it's still not without some bad news: unfortunately, it sounds like most (if not all) of these new hacks rely solely on that single TIFF exploit in Mobile Safari, meaning that everyone's back to square one the moment Apple beams v1.1.2 to the public at large.

Blu-Ray Disc Drives for Mac Laptops

by JGP.
Oct 7th 2007 - 0 comments

Fastmac Announces 2X Blu-Ray Optical Drive Upgrade for Laptops; Low Profile Slot Loading Drive Provides 50 GB of Storage on 1 Disk for Apple PowerBook, iBook, MacBook Pro, iMac & Mac mini; New Drive Cuts Burn Times in Half