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Superunknown XII Semi-Finalist Nico Porteous

by Level1
Mar 2015 - 3.2K views

If there?s anything that we can say for certain after spending the past three weeks reviewing this year?s Superunknown entries, its that the talent pool has never been deeper, and there?s more variation in style, influence, and inspiration than ever before.
Superunknown XII drew in nearly 100 entries from around the globe- some were all street, others all park. some all pow and big mountain, and others a mix of everything. Figuring out how to compare and judge one against the next was a huge challenge, and while we can?t say that we have the perfect formula, after spending countless hours consulting with athletes, media, and the Level 1 staff and rewetting most of these entries more times than we can count we have a list of 17 Semi-Finalists, and 9 Finalists that we stand behind.
We?ll be dropping Semi-Finalists all week long, starting with four today. On Friday afternoon we?ll kick off the fan poll for you all to choose the 10th spot in Finals, so watch closely, spread the word, and help us figure out who should join the other Finalists in April for a shot at taking home the title!
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