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Bringing back the dub 10

Mar 2018 - 2.2K views

Decided this weekend to bring back the dub cork 10 to my bag of trick, it has been a while since i had done one ! Not stylish at all I know and i usually have poles but I just wanted to huck my meat hahaha !

François Morin 16/17 shots

Sep 2017 - 1K views

Few jumps & rails from past winter.

Working in the park crew at my home mountain, I had the chance to ski much more days than the past winters, I was there every day.
I'm the only guy from my crew who not got injured this year, thanks life. Hoping to have a sick season this year too.

Sponsor: Me lol, Thanks home mountain for season pass.

Song: Kavinsky - Nightcall

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First cork 9

Jan 2016 - 1K views

Just landed my first cork 9 today.... already tried it last year but didn't landed it. Landed it first try today !