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Goofin In The Rain

by Condorobrien
Jan 2018 - 777 views

spent 2 hours with the mountain to ourselves during a 50 degree rain storm at butternut ski resort and had a blast. through this together from the little gopro footage we took.


by Condorobrien
Sep 2017 - 7K views

This year was amazing. The season was full of homies, travel, sports, fails, fun, and definitely lots of music. Enjoy this mixtape and thanks everyone who shredded with me!

Pulling Me In : Funkmen Ender

by Condorobrien
Apr 2017 - 1.7K views

Chris Weir(d) and I shredding key closing weekend and scraping out a day each towards the end of Breck with our trusty filmer jack benziger. (a few shots at key by Igor). Skiing is a big dance party #FUNKMEN. Special Thanks to JOW Creations for the Hoods. Song: Pulling Me In Artist: Phantoms Editing: Me

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