Breck Thursdays Ep. 4 Where is Igor?

by Condorobrien
Feb 2013 - 141 views

we had a rough day this day(not too many successful shots). but we had a blast because the snow was great. some gnarly falls were had and some terrible mistys were done. also where is Igor? Skiing by Connor OBrien and Alexis Keeney

Breck Thursdays! Ep:7 Back!

by Condorobrien
Mar 2013 - 54 views

were back in colorado for the time being and we finaly go some filming done in freeway. hurrah big jumps. skiers: ben hitchcock, jaad tohme, alexis keeney, alana english, katie hitchcock, connor obrien, and niel. p.s. editing is really bad becuase I am working on another edit right now. it going to be alot better

The Wobble Edit

by Condorobrien
Apr 2013 - 2.1K views

this season we got after it but we also had some good fun. here is an edit of some slugs wobbling their way down the mountain practicce their half spins. skiers include. connor obrien, katie hitchcock, alexis keeney, jaad tohme, alana english, and some others i think or maybe not

Why wind? Why u do dis?

by Condorobrien
Apr 2013 - 1.4K views

I am dumb. i decided to hit the jump when i clearly shouldn't have. and well i did right three and and my ankle did a pretzel 3. sprained ankle for about 2.5 weeks. and a bum knee on the other leg.