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The Achilles Years - pt 1

by Ahmets_Brother
Nov 26th - 2.5K views

The last couple years haven't been my healthiest. In March 2021 I blew out my left Achilles tendon. After 10 months of rehab I returned to snow for the 21/22 winter in January, gaining my feet slow by slow.
After a spring of feeling confident and skiing again at my normal level, I blew my right Achilles tendon in September 2022. Part 2 covers the Winter 22/23 season of making up for what little winter I had. Releasing later this winter.

Lofi Beats to Ambient Snowbird & Alta Freeride Skiing 2022 POV & Followcams

by Ahmets_Brother
Aug 2022 - 2.2K views

15minute Lofi soundtrack to keep your eyes and ears entertained, something to stretch to, or maybe you just need some good background music while working.

POV Freeride by Giray Dadali around Utah's Snowbird and Alta ski resorts from the 2022 season.

Followcam shots by:
Ian Hamilton @Ian Hamilton ian.t.hamilton - ig
Otto Soldberg youottofollow - ig

1. 00:00 kid cudi mr rager [lofi remix]
2. 02:13 Lil Pump - Flex Like Ouu [Lofi Version]
3. 04:25 Neroche - Take The Sun
4. 08:08 kudasai - memories with her
5. 09:45 Gucci Louis - Rap Beat 2
5. 12:02 Get Along (Instrumental) EOM

Snooze Control 2021

by Ahmets_Brother
Aug 2021 - 5.6K views

An injured skier finds solstice drifting into dreams where reality becomes the video game.
My 2021 winter season was cut short in March by a torn Achilles tendon. What I filmed is shown here

Filming by:
Alex Lundstrom, AJ Dakoulas, Alex Mager, Alexa Dadali, Mitchell Brower, Michael Brown, Sam Goodhue, Will Wesson, Jake Doan

Music By
Bent - Sweet Dreams
Jazzinuf - Cigarettes and Coffee

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A Story Inspired By...

by Ahmets_Brother
Jan 2017 - 15.3K views

Part 1 - Todays world of action sports and kickstarters require that every thing we do be motivated by this powerful message of chasing a dream, making the world a better place, or seeking the grandest adventure. As I look into what motivates my skiing, i can't help but realize i do it for no reason greater than manning up. To Push yourself and huck your meat and see how far you can go. It's a story that has been inspired by My Ballsack.
This is all footage from my 2015/2016 season, filmed by Jacob Callaghan, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Meza, and Tim Jones.
Music By Griz - The Anthem

Chasing the Red Bull

by Ahmets_Brother
Dec 2020 - 9.4K views

You're in the lift line. On the opposite side is one of those Blue, Red, and Silver shiny helmets. But who could it be?? Johnny? T Rice?! screw it, you can do better than these overglorified ig stars. Where's your helmet?
"The Helmet" is a status symbol that has come to determine one's ability to excel in the action sports industry. It is this pinnacle of rad that is sought after. Chasing the Red Bull is a prolonged path down the rabbit hole for one maddened skier.

Filming By
Ross Downard
Greg Bej
Chris Segal

Produced By
Giray Dadali