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Bake'r? Hardly Even Knew'r

by Ahmets_Brother
Jun 2018 - 1.7K views

PNW mini movie ft. Giray and Ahmet Dadali

Desert.. Desert.. Desert.. why do we expect the desert to have snow? Fed up with a dry March after purchasing a sled for the first time, Giray tags along with brother Ahmet Dadali for an RV adventure to the rainy Northwest. In the shadows of the massive Mount Baker, the boys are launched into a land of pillows, high alpine terrain, and fog as dense as ever. Watch this 7 minute movie exclusively filmed by the Bros.

A Story Inspired By My Ballsack Part 2

by Ahmets_Brother
Feb 2017 - 7.2K views

The second part of an epic tale filmed in summer 2015 and winter 15/16, inspired by nothing but a passion to push yourself. This part showing a more gratuitous take with travels to Chile with PBP, a trip to the great white north with Rob Aseltine and Tim Jones, and some local skiing versus Part 1 being my home in Utah.
Music: Chance the Rapper ft. Hundred Waters "show me love"

Ahmet Dadali, Tim Jones, PBP, Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlett, Alex Martini, Nick Martini, Cam Riley

A Story Inspired By...

by Ahmets_Brother
Jan 2017 - 13.7K views

Part 1 - Todays world of action sports and kickstarters require that every thing we do be motivated by this powerful message of chasing a dream, making the world a better place, or seeking the grandest adventure. As I look into what motivates my skiing, i can't help but realize i do it for no reason greater than manning up. To Push yourself and huck your meat and see how far you can go. It's a story that has been inspired by My Ballsack.
This is all footage from my 2015/2016 season, filmed by Jacob Callaghan, Ahmet Dadali, Mike Meza, and Tim Jones.
Music By Griz - The Anthem

Ahmet's Brother Discovered

by Ahmets_Brother
Mar 2015 - 1.6K views

A little about me and my life of skiing. This competition from PBP named "undiscovered" was created to give someone a chance to heli ski and film on this trip with PBP. It's eligible to nonpro skiers (deemed unpaid by sponsors). I've managed to be so lucky with friendships with filmers throughout my life who are down to shoot me or edit for me because i can't even afford a computer to edit on, nor even a car. I put my whole life and passion into skiing and making ski edits for free. However, I've never had the chance or the money to take it to the next level and push my skiing to the bigger terrain I want. Maybe I can even regain my real name. If you like what i do, please help me by voting here!

You can vote 1 time per day, and 3 people can go so choose your favorites!

Epic TV Park City Episode

by Ahmets_Brother
Feb 2014 - 561 views

Got to film a Day with Epic TV and be a part of the episode at my local hill Park City! Epic TV will be doing a series producing edits from mountains across the US and local skiers at the resort

Giray Dadali "Short Season"

by Ahmets_Brother
May 2013 - 7.2K views

In such a dangerous and progressive sport, things don?t always work out for accomplishing all the tricks and ideas you?d like. Unfortunately for Giray this was one of those seasons. After finishing fall semester in early december and leaving his job January 1st, he separated his AC joint that first week of January. After being healthy enough to ride again in mid February, he shattered his pelvis overshooting a landing 2 weeks later. Here is a brief edit of things we managed to film during those short intervals.EDITED BY TIMOTHY JONES FOOTAGE CONTRIBUTED BY: HENNIE VJ TIMOTHY JONES EVAN HEATH STEVE STEPP AHMET DADALI MIKE HORNBECK BRAD BULZAN SONG: NEVER MESS WITH SUNDAY ARTIST: YPPAH

Far From Miami (pc april 6th)

by Ahmets_Brother
May 2010 - 7.9K views

From March 30th until april 6th we had a large storm system hit Utah. On April 6th, I popped lots of pain pills to overcome a severely sprained and possibly broken ankle from 3 weeks prior to ski this day. Little cottonwood was closed and PC had received 20" overnight ontop of 45" that fell prior to that day. Needless to say, skiing was EPIC

PC between and after injuries

by Ahmets_Brother
Mar 2009 - 6.2K views

Some days in january at pc after tearing part of my achilles. Then some shots from my 2nd and 3rd day back after tearing my MCL. Its a mix of HD and regular DV and exporting it did weird stuff to the sound and cut clips short. sorry