WHEN IT'S ON IT'S ON - AUSTRIAN ALPS | Woodsy'sWorld S2 #14

published Nov 2019 - 473 views

Down days are real. When you’re living in the mountains trying to get out, the weather will shut you down. It’s just a part of the game. It has been a difficult few pre-season weeks as the skys have been dumping snow for us, we have to be grateful and excited for an amazing winter coming up however Woodsy and the crew are going insane locked up in the appartment as cabin fever has well and truly taken hold.

That being said when it’s on, oh baby it’s ON, sit back, relax and let Brody Jones (cinematic prodigy) prove to you why living in the mountains, pursuing the dream is so, SO worth the wait.

Enjoy and remembering stepping on a chestnut... is for life!

Welcome to Woodsy'sWorld, season 2... A bi-weekly video blog, behind the scenes in professional freeskier James Woodsy's world. Enjoy!



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