Hunter Hess SuperUnknown XV Finalist

published Mar 2018 - 2,623 views

A lot has changed since we kicked off SuperUnknown back in 2003. Skiing has come a long way- style and technicality has changed, developed, and progressed so far beyond what we could have imagined and commonplace tricks of 2018 hadn’t even been thought of.
The landscape of competition, the internet, and video parts is barely recognizable compared to what it once was- but the one constant is that there’s always a crop of talented amateurs around the globe poised for a breakout, and they’re able to use SuperUnknown to take that next step!
We’re excited to announce this year’s crop of Finalists who will join us at Winter Park Resort at the end of April. After a week of shredding and shooting, they’ll cast their votes for the winner of the 15th annual SuperUnknown!



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