Season Edit 2016 | 2017 - Flo Gassner

published Oct 2017 - 930 views

Freeride Skiing is all there is for me and this winter has been the greatest season i had so far! Again!
Contest were super fun, I met the best juniors of the world at the Junior World Championships in Andorra, got to ski with pros and made really good new friends, who are not only ski partners, but also friends for life!
I wanna thank everybody, who made this winter so special!
First of all thanks to my family who have always supported me in what I do! Thanks to everybody who made every single ski day a special one! Looking forward so much to be skiing again soon with you guys! and girls! :)

Last but not least I wanna thank my sponsors Head and Scott for providing the best gear you can have!


Foreign Air - In The Shadows



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