Momentus - Street skiing film

published May 2016 - 751 views

Instagram: @musikunat

After two years of filming street every now and then, our second film Momentus is coming together. While all of us were getting washed up from skiing, we still tried our best quite relentlessly. During two busy years of studying and army service we managed to get things done, driven by the words of a wise hobo who told us about the definition of Momentus; A force that flows through, making one not give up on a mission. Or I don't know, he was most likely just out of his mind. Anyways, that's where the name comes from. Who even cares, it's just skiing.

Featuring: Harri Hamalainen, Henri Hamalainen, Tommi Korhonen, Valtteri Lohilahti
Edited by: Henri Hamalainen

NOTE: Re-up due to deinterlacing issues

Credit: Musikunat

Location: Finland

Playtime: 00:14:25



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