Bush Bandits EP. 5

published Mar 2016 - 3,543 views

February was the equivalent to a bucking broncho for the Bush Bandits, throughout the month the bandits dealt with a mini ice age and conflicting schedules. With temps dipping to as low as -10f during the day Joey Favara, Alex Harrington and Zach Harrington went into deep hiberation to escape the mini ice age. Max Johnson, Mike brewer and filmer Cam Willis were not phased by the sub zero temps bundling up to stack clips. Once the ice age was over the bandits thawed out, syncing up with the HG Skis boys who were held up in Canada filming street for their new movie. With the mid season mini ice age well past, the warm spring weather slowly coming in and the show has begun to start softening up. The bandits have been feeling themselves flowing thru the park figuring out new creative lines with ease.


Sugarbush Parks will be hosting the inaugural Rail Blazers competition Saturday March 12. The event consists of three sectors: Line Section, Best of 5 and Plaza Jam. Check out the Facebook event for more details on Rail Blazers.


For more Sugarbush Parks action check instagram.com/sugarbushparks/ and facebook.com/SugarbushParks1
Snapchat: sugarbush_parks

Skiers: Charlie Dayton, Joey Favara, Mike Brewer, Max Johnson, Alex & Zach Harrington, Donnie York, Alex Hackel, Damian Dryjas, Cam Willis, Hunter Tyrrell

Photography: Ashley Rosemeyer

Film/Edit: Cam Willis

Presented By: HG Skis, Black Strap, and Saga

Credit: Cam Willis

Skier: Charlie Dayton, Joey Favara, Mike Brewer, Max John

Location: Sugarbush

Playtime: 00:04:12



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