Tanner Hall Rolling Papers Pro Model

published Feb 2016 - 521 views

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Black Rock Originals, the cannabis industry's premier brand for cannabis adventurers, is pleased to announce the sponsorship of legendary professional skier Tanner Hall. This partnership represents the first official relationship between cannabis and active professional athletes.

Hall had been seeking the right cannabis brand to partner with for a pro model smoking kit, and the time has finally come. "There's so many smokers in skiing and snowboarding, they finally can have a brand they can identify with, that actually wants to work with athletes" says Tanner, a freeskiing pioneer and 7-time X-Games Gold Medalist who has been using cannabis to fuel his success for years. After countless brutal injuries, Hall has opted out of traditional painkillers for the more natural alternative, incorporating cannabis into his skiing, training and recovery regimens.

The Tanner Hall SKIBOSS collection features everything you'll need to roll a joint, fits neatly inside Black Rock's signature Safety Case, and can be purchased for $14.95 excusively at Black Rock Originals.


Credit: Tommy Joyce, Tanner Hall

Skier: Tanner Hall

Location: Tahoe

Playtime: 00:01:21



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