Reconnect // Jason Siegel

published Feb 2016 - 866 views

Boyz Club shredbot, Jason Siegel, just dropped his winter break edit. Here is what he had to say about it:
"Whether it's reconnecting to your passion, your breathe in a stressful situation, or your land, slowing down and reconnecting can do us all much good. During the weeks around christmas, I ventured out from Colorado on a lone venture to ski and explore. I slowed down, took a step back, and reconnected to myself, where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do. I spent a fair bit of time in Lake Tahoe, my old stomping grounds, skiing and exploring just a few pockets of the vast Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I also spent a week in Sonoma County taking life slow and rooting back to my home. Throughout my travels, I learned that slowing down enough to connect to yourself and your present environment will allow life to flow as it should, and the beauty of the universe will unfold and bring you what you need, when you need it. I hope that everyone get's out and connects to a place they love, and allows their true self to guide them through the flow of life."

If you want to be like Jason,
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Credit: @shredwithboyzclub

Skier: Jason Siegel

Location: The Wasatch, Tahoe

Artist: Rebulution

Music: Reconnect

Big Mountain


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