jibbin' 2k15

published Feb 2016 - 47 views

2015 has been a great year - So here's a short recap of my last season!

Due to several smaller "problems" I couldn't edit my season recap the way I imagined it, so I decided to make a short video with my favorite jib-shots from last season...

I hope you'll like it anyway!

Thanks to all the filmers and Q-Parks for the additional footage.
And thanks to all my sponsors for the great support!

Rossignol (rossignol.com)
Electric California (electriccalifornia.com)
Bliss Protection (blisscamp.com)
Deliver Clothing (deliverclothing.com)
Cypress Warehouse (cw-store.com)

Editet by Flo Zebisch


Skier: Flo Zebisch

Location: Austria, Germany

Playtime: 00:01:45

Artist: Genetikk

Music: Einer von den Guten (Instrumental)



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