How to hit rails switch //lip slide

published Jan 2016 - 3,606 views

Make sure to head over to and watch the full video on how to rails switch lip slide.

I just got out to Breckenridge Colorado and in this video I go over how to hit rails switch. More specifically I teach how to get onto rails or boxs switch lip slide. Another week I will go over how to hit rails switch tails. In order to hit rails switch lip slide you must carve away from the rail then carve back in towards the rail or box; as you get to the end of the lip you need to pick up your tips and pop them over the top of the rail. You need to make sure you actually jump straight up as well as pulling your tips over the top of the rail. It is necessary for anyone trying this trick to be able to ski on rails as well as ski switch comfortably. If you are unable to do these head over to my videos and watch how to ski switch and how to grind on rails. Goodluck!

Credit: Ryan Wadsworth

Skier: Ryan Wadsworth // Jake Muller

Location: Breck

Playtime: 00:01:58



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