How to fronstide surface swap

published Jan 2016 - 350 views

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In this video I briefly explain how to do a frontside surface switch up on skis. Going into this trick you should already know how to slide boxes, rails, tubes, and maybe even handrails. You should also know how to do a frontside 270 out. It would be very helpful as well if you could do a front side switch up. Once you can do most of these approach the rail with your knees bent and even have some forward pressure on your shins. Hop on the rails and begin to scissor or pedal the rail, you need to push on your heel and that will force you to spin to the right. Once you do this you must stiffen your body and bring your skis very close. You need to bring your skis so close that when you 50/50 the rail you do not fall with a leg on either side. After you make it past the 50/50 mark begin to spread your legs back to around shoulder with apart. Make sure you allow your shoulders to drive the rotation the entire time. Good Luck!!!

Credit: Chris Zembrzuski

Skier: Jake Muller

Location: mt snow

Playtime: 00:01:34



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