How to backside surface swap

published Dec 2015 - 2,607 views

I am changing up a few things with how I make my videos. Instead of making a video that is around 4-6 min long I will, instead, make a quick 1-2 min video briefly explaining the trick and that will be uploaded to youtube as well as newschoolers. If you want to watch a more in depth tutorial I will have a longer, more detailed video on

In this video I go over how to do a backside surface switch up or backside surface swap. They are more of a stylely trick and are really fun to do. If you want to learn how to do this you should probably watch how to grind on skis and then how to spin off rails on skis. While doing this trick you need to make sure you rotate your shoulders with your body. As you spin you want to make sure you bring your feet close together that way you make it around the rail. Goodluck!

Credit: Chris Zemrzuski

Skier: Jake Muller

Location: Mount Snow

Playtime: 00:02:23



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