Kieran Nikula We Find Light

published Dec 2015 - 497 views

Through the Dynamic medium of filmmaking and a contemporary cinematic approach, this work explores the delicate relationship between man and the natural environment. Within this non-linear narrative, I present a young individual who has experienced a completely different life to mine. Born with a frozen and winterized state of mind; his youth spent wandering the vast Canadian landscape developing a unique connection with his natural world.
Kamloops is a desert expanse situated in the Thompson Valley, British Columbia. A Semi arid climate with winter temperatures dropping to -20 as the icy Arctic air passes over the Rockies and the Columbian mountains into the interior. Its Anglicized name derives from a Shuswap word meaning, ?meeting place?. The impressive terrain and physical backdrop offered me an opportunity to examine an individual?s ultimate passion for skiing and outdoor adventure: at one with nature disengaged from the churning momentum of man?s existence. By presenting both physical interactions and connections with environments as mediums, I highlight how we use our delicate relationships with our contextual surroundings to escape from the challenges of societal pressures and avoid the stresses of day-to-day life.
I created this narrative to tell a story of Kieran?s distinctive upbringing. I selected this piece as an example of my desire to present and express peoples? stories and my obsession in creating visual representations of individual?s lives and interactions. Although non-linear and lacking a completed thesis, this work takes the form of a personal narrative that echoes a young individual?s ability to connect with his natural origin.
Producer: Eddie Foster and Kieran Nikula
Cinematography: Kaleb Weston ( , Ty Spooner, Eddie Foster and Kieran Nikula
Editing: Eddie Foster
Script: Eddie Foster and Tanner Wegner
Narrated by: Beau Stephenson
Music By: Adeodat Warfield
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Credit: Inflik

Skier: Kieran Nikula

Location: Sun Peaks, Kamloops

Music: Adeodat Warfield

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