This one time hitting urban...

published Nov 2015 - 3,799 views

Over winter break 2 years ago, Tyler Otis and I went to hit this rail on CU's campus. As we were setting it up this sketchy steam started shooting out the side of the building. As SOON as we were done setting up the rail (no joke, we had just gotten our skis to hit it), the fire alarm goes off. It was very loud. We decided we probably shouldn't hit the rail while this alarm is going off so we carried our stuff up the sidewalk a little bit to wait it out. In the 30-60 minutes we probably stood around waiting, a couple fire trucks showed up, and then left, as well as a few cop cars. One of the cops stopped to talk to us and was cool with us hitting the rail (and I'm pretty sure said something about how he had hit it back when he was in school).

Anywho, we both slid the rail and got it on film, but wasn't ever cool enough to do anything with. It was a pretty weird experience though so I figure the story is worth a share. Hope You guys Enjoyed. PORK FRAT

Credit: Trevor/Tyler

Skier: Trevor/Tyler

Location: Boulder



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