Under the Weather | Trippin' | Episode 2.2

published May 2015 - 496 views

Things rarely go as planned. Especially in college. One second you neck deep in finals dreaming of the light at the end of the academic tunnel. The next you show up to your friendly neighborhood world class ski resort to find they haven't had a Winter this bad since skis were directional and Vanilla Ice was still turning out hits. So with nothing but dirt and rain in the rearview the crew puts their hands on the wheel and starts pounding the pavement towards greener pastures. It's road trip time - hell if we know where we're going but we'll be damned if we don't get there.

Credit: Essex Prescott, Dylan Siggerz, Eliel Hindert

Skier: Essex, Cory, Gared, Dylan, Josh, Mikel, Carston

Location: Whistler | Utah | Montana | Fernie

Artist: Merrifield Records - The Danvilles

Music: Jealous Uke, Baby Baby, Dance Monkey Dance



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