LAGER | Old Classmates

published Apr 2015 - 1,651 views

LAGER is Old Classmates 4th edit from this season! This time Felix and Emma are going back to their roots and skis in Kläppen, the resort where they skied 3-5 days a week for 3 years when they went to school. They also pay a visit to Colour Wear's head office in Gothenburg!

Filmer: Martin Axéll

Riders: Emma Dahlström, Felix Lundin Pikner, Melvin Morén, Johan Niemi

Credit: Völkl, Colour Wear,, Douchebags

Skier: Emma Dahlstrom, Felix Lundin, Melvin Morén, Johan

Location: Kläppen Snow Park (Sweden)

Artist: Lorentz

Music: Där dit vinden kommer ft. Jaqe, Duvchi, jj, Joy



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