"Scrappy Days" EP. 1

published Mar 2015 - 8,423 views

"Scrappy Days" is a stoked out webisode series that I'll be pumping out throughout the year, giving you an inside look at how much fun we have during these excursions and adventures on our skis!
Here's the first episode of many, cut & edited by yours truly.
Hope you enjoy!

Credit: Nick Broms on the intro & shouts all squadgangers

Skier: Squadgang is in the function!

Location: Mt. Hood OR, Park City UT, Mammoth Mtn CA, Salt Lake City UT, Denver CO

Playtime: 00:06:18

Artist: 80's Happy Days intro, DJ Mustard - Faded 2.0

Music: Mariah Carey ft. ODB, Metro Thuggin - Speed Racer



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