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Here it is - a bigger project, longer plan and the first official online movie by Paniertn Circus: DEVOTION. Devotion is not like a casual ski movie, it's not even a ski movie at all. It's a lifestyle film, showing the life of 6 guys who love to ski. But not only skiing, we also like to get fucked up, surf the clouds, skate in Barcelona, jump off cliffs and just enjoy the world with all the possibilities that it can offer to you, especially when you are young and wild. And that's the thing we wanted to show you with this movie. Some facts about us: We are no professionals, not with skiing, not with filming or editing. We have 1 camera, 3 objectives, a slidecam (that we actually don't use often), a crappy tripod and a microphone. We edit on a shitty little laptop with 1 cutting programme which crashes 3 out of 5 times. We have 1 bungee and have never shot street at night (hopefully this year). However, we love what we do and have fun everytime we go out. And that's what counts. The movie will doubtless speaks for itself, so I won't tell you much more now. Just watch it and have an opinion. Although we all hope that you will like it, share it and tell your friends about it, so that more and more people get to know us. That would be great. words by Christoph Kaar

Credit: Paniertn Circus 'PC' Productions

Skier: mentioned in movie

Location: tyrol, austria



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